Logstash pipelines

June 3, 2019

Sample IIS log pipeline with logstash https://t.co/DMbg6y4Bqg


November 1, 2018

Lengthy tutorial for Vue.js and other useful tools.

HTML on-line tools

May 27, 2016

A Look At Akka.NET

September 29, 2015

Nice article about Akka.Net http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1007161/A-Look-At-Akka-NET

Functional testing on Web applications

August 30, 2013

Guide on Web applications testing.


Chrome Tools

August 28, 2013

Nice tutorial.


Check my new app My WishingWall

October 31, 2012

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Code-Based Migrations

May 11, 2012

Nice Article.


VS Achievements and FxCop

January 23, 2012

Article about installing FxCop for Achievements.


My check null

December 20, 2011

There are many solutions on the net for avoiding the null check. Here is mine:

public interface Option<T> { }

public struct Nothing<T> : Option<T> { }

public struct Just<T> : Option<T>
    public readonly T Value;

    public Just(T value) { Value = value; }

public static class OptionExtentions
    public static Option<T> ToOption<T>(this T value)
        return (value == null)
            ? new Nothing<T>() as Option<T>
            : new Just<T>(value);

    public static U Select<T, U>(this Option<T> option,
      Func<T, U> func)
        return option.Select(func, () => default(U));

    public static U Select<T, U>(this Option<T> option, 
      Func<T, U> whereJust, Func<U> whereNothing)
        return option is Just<T>
            ? whereJust(((Just<T>)option).Value)
            : whereNothing();

And implementation:

return (from h in HttpContext.Current.ToOption()
       select h.User);